Against the Giants

Attack on Vanguard

The Giants Come Barging Through

Bullhorn’s Journal:

…All of a sudden, we heard a large crashing through the trees. “Giants!” someone yelled out. We heard commotion and a battle coming from the gate…I don’t know how many giants there were, but after a few minutes it seemed sorted out…but just when that battle finished, more came crashing through the East Wall. Bullpaw started barking and howling; I tried to get him safe inside but I tripped and fell, and my horn got stuck in the wall of our house. I tried to free myself, but I just couldn’t quick enough… one giant got through, and was eyeing me up as an appetizer. He was so big and disgusting smelling that I couldn’t even think straight to keep freeing myself.

Then those newcomers showed up! The one quick rushed in and saved Bullpaw, which helped me to focus on trying to free myself. They were amazing! They took down the two giants in the east by themselves! The one was like slice-hack-chop, and the other that looked like a walking armor suit didn’t even look scratched afterwards, and I think there were maybe one or two others throwing fire or something from the back. I am so glad people like that also showed up in Xendrik! We can rebuild all we want, but we haven’t been able to stop the giants from just taking our things!

That night, after a tiring day of already getting supplies to try and rebuild, climbed into bed with Bullpaw and held him all night. Living here is a scary place, but I managed to not have nightmares because I still had Bullpaw, and those people were still here to fight off the giants…


AdonSiegel TitoElito

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