Against the Giants

Fort Assault, Part 2

After a deal of discussion and planning, the party managed to maneuver and fell the orcs at the gongs without much trouble. They then were able to break out a few dwarves and Zandor Caskerhill. While they were clearing out the next room of its giant and orc denizens, the Warden came out and began asking questions. Vargen captured an orc who told it to take care of the Warden and pretened nothing was wrong, but instead, the orc rang one of the gongs! Disappointedly, Vargen chopped off the orc’s head as the party turned to face the Warden.

After the Warden fell, the party continued exploring the sublevel, and came across the torture chamber. An orc named Krull was being stretched out on the racks with some more giants. As the party went to work on them, the commotion from the next room, and steady banging, suddenly stopped. The party looked at each other grimly as they realized their death-dealing had brought them the attention of the fire giant next door who was in charge of the forge!

Luckily, the party was able to kill the other giants quickly so they could focus their efforts on the fire giant. It was a gruesome and tiring battle, but the party managed to win the day! After looting the area, they found that a fire elemental was bound inside the forge. Through some elemental magic, Tyrin freed the elemental and it rushed upstairs and began wreaking havoc, leaving charred and bloody corpses in its wake. The party, spent and exhausted from a long day of fighting, slipped out of the fort and back to the castle with the distraction provided by the fire elemental.


AdonSiegel TitoElito

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