Against the Giants

Off to Xendrik!

The Teleportation Debacle

Tyrin’s Journal: Entry -01
As we had arranged, we went to the ruins where we had been told we would meet with Bryon “The Blinkdog” to secure passage for us and the Castle to Xendrik. We found them with no trouble, but there was a small party of goblins at the ruins who put up a fuss, so we quickly dispatched them.

Out of nowhere it seemed, we heard a slow clapping behind us. “Just what I’d expect from adventurers such as yourselves.” The Blinkdog was bald, with a giant Dragonmark of Passage on his face and neck. He told us that he had found a good open clearing to send us to in Xendrik, and after some small talk that Vargen forgot immediately, he began prepping the teleportation spell. I moved the Castle onto the teleportation circle he had prepared (which he said would immediately disappear and was untraceable), and as he created a poultice out of reagents. Swiftly, he teleported all over the castle, slapping it on to various parts, and finished with dabbing a little on each of our foreheads. He began to cast the spell, but as he did so an arrow pierced his shoulder. “A deal’s a deal…” he gurgled and slapped his hand to the ground as he slumped down, and immediately we were spirited away from there.

I came to at the edge of a cliff, looking over the jungle and a coastline. As I got my bearings, I noticed the castle was teetering off the edge of the cliff a short ways away! I rushed over and found Calcifer’s connections to the ship had been scrambled, and after a few tries of pulling back on the joystick the Castle steadied itself. I couldn’t find the others anywhere though.

Unbeknownst to me, Vargen found himself in the jungle below, being accosted by two dark elves. As one was about to blow a primitive horn, he snatched it out of his hand and smashed it. The two immediately launched an attack at him, but he dispatched them in short order. Hearing a dwarven call for help in the distance, he ran off, leaving the bodies behind, only to find Vondal knee-deep in quicksand! Vargen helped pull him out amidst Vondal’s curses about not trusting magic. Immediately they were attacked by another party of dark elves led by a poisonous blowgun-toting brute. During the commotion of the ensuing fight, a large T-Rex-looking creature roared and headed towards them.

I had seen some commotion in the trees below the cliff, but I assumed it was Vargen, and when that happens I never know to come to help or stay away from him. After I heard the roar, though, I thought he had probably tangled with something too big, and so I got on the castle’s megaphone and imitated the roar to confuse or draw away the beast. Vargen and Vondal don’t like to admit it, but I’m sure that’s what saved their lives.

When they had managed to scale the cliff, we trekked north to where we saw signs of a settlement. After parking the castle and trying to disguise it, we approached and entered Vanguard, a small town with all manners of humanoids. Ash had just finished a speech encouraging fighters in the apparent war with the neighboring giants. Looking for work, we headed off to the taverns in the area, Klimpy’s and The Waystone Inn. After having insufficient funds to patronize Klimpy’s, I waited outside while the others entered the Waystone.

As I was waiting, I heard a commotion from all around, and somebody screamed “The Giants! The Giants are coming! We’re under attack!”


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