Against the Giants

Tyrin's Journal - Entry 03

After a heal/craft/upgrade/level-up montage, the party returned to Vanguard, presenting Ash with some of the spoils of their conquest from the Obsidian Tower. Ash was thoroughly amazed, having previously warned our company to avoid the tower because of the number of adventurers who had previously fallen trying to secure its secrets. We gave the ancient giant book to Ash’s rival, Gary the wizard who said he would begin translating it.

Having convinced Ash that our company would try to begin doing sudden strike raids on the hill giants’ fort, we set out at once. Upon coming to the fort, we approached from the north after having parked the castle a safe distance away. Vargen approached the north door, saying that he was a guest of Chief Nosnra’s and that he should be allowed to enter, despite the giant’s commands for him to use the main eastern entrance. After being annoyed for several minutes, the giant issued Vargen an ultimatum, saying he would give him 10 seconds to run and then he would let his wolves loose on him.

We immediately ran into the forest, being pursued by what turned out not to be just wolves, but dire wolves. The pack leader turned out to be afflicted by lycanthropy, as he transformed into a werewolf-giant as he charged us, targeting Vargen who was of course pressing the attack. I moved forward and turned him and one of his wolves to stone, thus saving Vargen’s life! Through my powers, we were able to take out the wolves one by one without much retaliation, until the were-giant was all that was left. Having him thus subdued, we got what information we could from him, and then sent him on his way to leave, never to return to the west of the Obsidian Tower.

Having thus dealt a significant blow to the hill giants’ strength, we turned our eyes back to the fort, and pondered what new havoc we could deal to them…


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