Against the Giants

Fort Assault, Part 1

Having recovered from the grueling battle with the moon calf and reunited with Vargen, the party finished the bomb and put it in their bag of holding which Tyrin held. They stealthily approached the fort and tried to explore it. They first found an empty bedoom, and then the kitchen, which had several hill giants and ogres, and was loaded with orcs bustling about.

Not wanting to fight so many at once, the party went back and explored another door, in which they found a lot of small, hill giant children being tended to by several hill giants, including what may have looked like the queen.

At Tyrin’s suggestion, the party retreated and waited for the cover of night to try and reapproach the giantlings’ room. After a quick exploration, Vargen found a secret room off of it with stairs leading down. The party decided to go down first, so they went and found a stone hall with portcullises on several sides of it. In one of the rooms off of the main hall they found a lever which seemed to control the portcullises, but at that moment a corrupted iron dragon attacked them!

The iron dragon was tough and wily, frequently turning invisible and blasted the party several times with its lightning breath. In their typical fashion, the party was eventually victorious, although Vargen and Vondal were quite injured.

After the battle with the dragon, the party found a room with a chest which appeared to be some of Chief Nosnra’s personal belongings, including several magic items which were quickly reappropriated by the party. They then found an underwater river with several craters which also had loot in them.

They continued their exploring, to find a chamber with to orcs beside gongs, and a one-eyed giant pacing back and forth down a corridor as if he was patrolling it. The party decided they would assault this area next, although they would have to be careful and not let the orcs ring the gongs and warn the whole fort…


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