Against the Giants

Explosive Accident

Tyrin and Vondal decided to spend the next day working on a bomb that could open a hole in the walls of the fort…no small task considering the walls were 10 foot thick logs that were resistant to fire. Vondal thought it necessary for an escape plan or distraction. He constructed the housing for the bomb which was a metal box as big as a duffel bag.

As Tyrin began channeling his primordial magics, something went horribly wrong. There was a fluctuation and something otherworldly took a hold of the summoning power.
“Meat…fresh meat…”

Tyrin and Vondal saw a tentacle trying to worm its way out of the box, but Vondal tried to seal it tight.
“This meat wants to fight?”

The horrific moon calf rogue broke free from the box and changed the atmosphere around us to that of the Far Realm. What proceeded was a very long and bloody battle. Vargen was gone, having been disgusted about the idea of the bomb and not wanting to be present. Vondal held his own as always, and Tyrin kept trying to blast it, but it was quite difficult, for it had many tentacles that could reach out to 30 feet, and when Tyrin tried to attack it beyond that it was invisible.

Vondal hacked, Tyrin blasted, it grabbed and squeezed and did much damage with its tentacles. Vondal and Tyrin were eventually able to weaken it and it started dripping black ichor from its putrid flesh. At that moment, it took us back to the castle and tried to take off and fly away. Tyrin quick jumped in the pilot’s seat and took the whole castle after it, following the trail of ichor it left. Vondal and Tyrin came upon a clearing where two giants were being suspended in midair.

Furious, the moon calf hurled one of the giants right into the windshield of the cockpit, and then dropped the other on top of the castle. Vondal moved up to the roof of the castle to finish off the giant and the rogue, while Tyrin blasted the giant out of the windshield and began trying to hurl his magics through the hole in the glass at the moon calf.

It was a long, drawn out fight, but in the end, Vondal and Tyrin were near-death but victorious.


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