Against the Giants

Fort Assault, Pt. 3

With the sublevel cleared and the party recuperated, the party returned to scout the fort and finish the deed of taking care of Chief Nosnra. After the fire elemental wrecked the place, it seemed like the fort was on much higher alert than before…there were guards on watch at every post, and it would not be an easy thing to approach.

The party was able to sneak up to the wall of the fort, and Tyrin planted and armed the bomb at the base of the watchtower section of the fort. With seconds to spare, he rejoined the party at the front gate, and they busted in as soon as the bomb went off. Clearing out the few guards at the front, they entered Nosnra’s great hall, where he was joined with two hill giant guards, his wife, and a stone giant earthcaster. The party took care of the guards, but the fight with Nosnra and his giant crossbow was gruesome. However, the party managed to capture his wife, at which point he surrendered. Nosnra agreed to take his wife, family, and the rest of his followers east of the river, and the stone giant was left to return to his Thane with the message that we were coming.

After the giants left, the party looted the fort, and came across the temple of the Elder Elemental Eye in the sublevel. Tyrin placed the holy symbol that was found, and out came a hand that was grasping an object, but the object was missing. Puzzled, the party left and returned to Ash and Vanguard, where there was much cheer and celebration. The party then set their sights south, to the realm of the stone giants, who had captured more of the dwarven party that needed to be rescued.


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