Half-Orc Scout


Vargen was abandoned in the wild as a baby, and was raised by a wolf. One day his wolf “mother” was killed by a hunter, and he was later taken in by a traveling human woodsman that took pity on the lost half-orc child. Under the watch of this new father figure, Vargen was taught how to fight and scout, all the while harboring a secret hatred for the hunter that killed his mother.

Once he had learned all he could from the woodsman, Vargen decided to leave in order to pursue his vengeance. But when he broke into the woodsman’s private armory to grab some equipment Vargen was confronted with the truth: a wolf skin rug made from his mother’s pelt. In a rage Vargen threw the pelt over his shoulders, tracked down the woodsman, and avenged his mother.

For years Vargen wandered the wilds and making civilization pay for its trespasses into the wild. Slowly he came to the realization that he had already lost—civilization had irreparably made its mark on every corner of Khorvaire. Troubled by this, Vargen became a mercenary, where he fell in with a group under the employ of Arcanix. As the first real community he was a part of since the woodsman, Vargen was initially resistant to trust them; but over time they formed a bond that has become something like family to him.

Now that he and the group have decided to leave Khorvaire, Vargen is excited to explore other parts of the world that may not be so civilized.


Beast master, in tune with animal life more than human. Sometimes values animal lives over humans.


The natural world is more important than all the constructs of civilization.


Carries a token of his dead wolf mother, a pelt. Killed his adopted father after learning he killed the wolf.


Overreacts to threats to animals. Would likely leave a person in danger to help an animal.


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