Vondal Steelheart


Personality traits say something fun or interesting about your character:
Classic dwarf personality in many ways: Dutiful, Brave, Stubborn, Cheerful when in a safe environment.
Aversion to magic: Magic was involved in his brother’s death and he’s distrustful of any magic. He’s learned to put up with being around it a world powered by magic, but he always keeps a watchful eye out for anything magically powered or magic users themselves.

Ideals are what drive you to action, and prompt you to make sacrifices:
The weak should be protected and shouldn’t have to pay the price for political figures.
One’s duty to your family, friends, and employer is very important and one should take pride in their work.

Bonds represent the connections your character has made to people, places, or things in the world. This should be something personal to you, separate from your shared background:
I don’t know where yet, but a large dwarven city is where I’m originally from.

Flaws represent some weakness your character has that could be exploited to make you act against your own best interest. They can be compulsions, fears, vices, etc.
Unreasonable paranoia of magic.
Unreasonably stubborn at times.
Drinking can be a problem if it gets out of hand.

Personality: Dutiful, Protective, Brave, Steady, Driven, Patient, Cheerful, Self-assured.

Appearance: Short and Stocky with a very muscular build. He has long dark brown hair that is braided

in the traditional dwarf style of his clan. He has rough, dark skin covered from head to toe in very thick

dwarven plate armor that is expertly crafted. This combined with a very large tower shield the height of

Vondal provides an impregnable defense.


Vondal grew up in the great dwarven city of [placeholder], underneath the [placeholder] mountains. He

is part of the clan Steelheart, known for their skilled blacksmiths and hardy warriors. At a very young

age, Vondal was being taught the ways of the blacksmith by his father, Fargrim Steelheart.

He had a knack for it, and enjoyed it for a while, but always loved to watch the warriors train.

When he became of age, he decided to join the dwarven military, along with his brother, Thoradin Steelheart.

Vondal was quickly recognized for his endurance and skill at managing multiple opponents at once. He

was recruited to the Shield Warriors, specially trained frontline soldiers where he further developed his

fighting methods. Thoradin was recognized for his vicious offensive style, and was recruited to the


There was an incident in the royal quarters, and Thoradin was found murdered. Thanks to clues

found on Thoradin’s body, the authorities were able to find the culprit, an elder councilmember, and

discovered that Thoradin had found out that the councilmember had been a follower of [placeholder] and had

been corrupting dwarves from within the city. Vondal had vowed that day that he would no longer

stand idle and allow evil to infect the world he loved. He said goodbye to his family

and friends and set off into the world. Before he left, his father crafted him a specially crafted set of

armor and a shield to protect him. Vondal’s father told him, "The anvil is stronger than the sword… you

are the anvil. Always remember that."

Vondal spent many years working as a mercenary in order to have a means for living, but he refused to

do any jobs that were dishonorable, such as hurting the innocent or defenseless. During the years he

protected his clients and the townfolk when there was trouble against goblins, orcs, trolls, and other vile


He eventually ended up under the employ of Arcanix as a guard. When he found out the atrocities that

happened in Arcanix he left with a few companions he met there and set forth for new lands in.

Vondal Steelheart

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